History of Apicoltura Piana

In 1903, professor Gian Pietro Piana left Milano University to move to the hills of Castel San Pietro.

His son Gaetano, who was fond of nature, started studying bees realizing that Italian bees are more docile and more productive that the European ones. So he started bee keeping and soon his queens became famous and were requested everywhere in Italy, in Europe and Overseas.

Apicoltura Piana is born in the hills of Castel San Pietro surrounded by fruit trees and haromatic erbs.

After world war II, the Piana Brothers, sons of Gaetano, re-started and expanded the production and in the first 50’s Apicoltura Piana was already one of the leading producers in Italy with various activities: breeding of queens, honey production and beeswax production.

Thanks to Giulio Piana’s capacity and intuition, the business increased and included packaging.

In the 70’s Apicoltura Piana has become a point of reference for Bee Keeping.
In the 90’s marketplaces and profits raise and Apicoltura Piana reaches the top of the market where it is today.